1. cecedon says:

    traveling with small kids can be kind of painful (even without food issues). When my children were little and my husband had a business trip, I would find a babysitter for them at home and go with my husband on the trip. While some of the preparations were/are long and tedious(I still do it), once I get on the plane I begin to relax and always end up having fun (and my children eat the right things and get the right sleep!). Just something to consider for next time this comes up. Also, we’ve been gluten free for almost 7 years and I have found that if I call ahead (especially at a place like the Ritz) they always make sure I have gluten free options (even with the kids). I have only packed pancake mix and noodles to take with us in the past. It’s much better now, they usually have many more options. I’m glad to hear you stayed home and everyone is getting rest. Being flexible is so very important!

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