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  2. I feel so sad about Racism. I grew up accepting people for who they were and I had the strange idea that racism happened for awhile after the civil war but things had changed.

    As I got older I found out that racism still did exist, but the biggest surprise came just recently when I heard a (I thought) christian woman boldly declare that blacks and whites shouldn’t marry because blacks were just different.

    Makes me sad and a bit mad. I just msgd one of my friends who is Indian because I wanted her to see who won! I too am glad that Miss America recognizes that we Americans are all colors!

  3. Tamanna says:

    i was very disturbed since i heard the news…disturbed that instead of being happy for her people took every single chance to bash her skin tone, her heritage. Its sad to see so many Americans are absolutely uneducated about American History, the Constitution. What is their definition of an American? sickens me to see the 21st century has just advanced with technology but not with minds. Thank you for writing your heart out and reach out. I am also proud an Indian won the Miss America crown, although I personally don’t care for that program. And i am so glad you came through and accepted yourself for who you are 🙂

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